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Adding New Unserialized Inventory

Last Updated: May 31, 2017 03:30PM CDT
Have you received a new item and you want to start renting it?  Not for sure how to add this to your inventory?  Let us show you. 
From your inventory list, click + New Item.  Now you want to choose what type of item you want to add.  As you can see, each type has a description next to it to briefly explain the type. 
For now, we’re going to add an unserialized item.  
From the Basic Information page, we’re going to type in the information in all of the needed fields we want to complete.  *Note: Name and Category are the only two fields that are required on this page.

Once all of the desired information has been completed, you want to go to the Pricing tab to set up the base rate of what you will be charging to rent this item, any deposit required and replacement cost if desired.
Once information is entered, click Save.  Once Save is clicked, you can then go back to the Basic Information screen and upload a picture.  Click the edit icon in the Product Photo section to import your photo from your desktop or your phone/mobile device.  Select Choose File from the directory in which the picture was saved.
If uploading from your phone, click Upload from Phone. 
Once the file has been selected, you want to rotate or zoom in/out to get the picture exactly like you want. Then, click Done.

Now you have your picture attached to the item. 

Before we hit Save, we want to go to the Stock tab so we can add quantities.  From Stock, click Add Purchase Record to add quantities and purchase history.  You want to enter a date prior to the current date and time, the quantity purchased and the total price of what you paid.  Vendor information, Item Name (Purchased As), PO# and notes are optional.  Click Save and now you have this item listed in your inventory. 
If you have any suggested or automatic items to add to this item, you can do so within the Suggested Items tab.  Otherwise, if you’ve entered all of the desired information on the item record, click Save and you’re done.  Now you will see the inventory listed in your inventory list. 

Want to see how many you have available for a certain date?  From your inventory list, just click the Calendar Overview symbol (or the eye) next to the item in question.  The availability calendar now shows the quantity available based upon the transaction due date/time and your due window settings.  The top number shows you how many you have available that date at opening.  The bottom number shows you how many you will have available that date at closing.  

NOTE:  The first number will now ignore any stock that is due to come back at opening or that has rolled over to be due from the previous day.  

Still need further assistance?  Click Here to reach one of our support team members to guide you thru the process of adding a new unserialized item.

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