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Last Updated: Aug 14, 2018 04:39PM CDT
Do you have “account” customers or customers that have agreed terms upon payment?  You can send your customer a one-time invoice once they return their rental items.  Let me show you how to set this up.
You will first want to enable invoicing and set up your invoice terms.  From the Admin Mode, you want to go to Configuration and choose Configure Printing Options. 

Check the Enable Invoicing option towards the bottom of the page. 

If you want the invoice to say something other than Invoice, you can set this here, too, from the Invoice Title field. 

You can set your first invoice number here.  For example, if you want to continue the invoice number from your previous invoicing software, you can enter the next number here. 

Now we want to set up our terms.  Click the under First Invoice Number to add your terms.  You will add the Terms Display Name and the Due in (x) Days.


Be sure to click the check mark next to one of the fields before adding another term. 

If you have a default invoice notes for all your invoices, you want to be sure to add the message in the Default Invoice Notes section located right above the Terms.

Want to hide contract totals from being printed on the invoice?  Be sure to check this option.  Otherwise, you will leave the option unchecked.

Be sure to select the invoice format you want to send to your customers.  You can select Modern or Traditional from the drop down menu that appears to the right of the invoice terms.

Once all terms are added, default notes have been added and all options needed are checked, don’t forget to click Save.  
Now that we have invoicing enabled, we want to send a customer one invoice for the total amount due or for the amount agreed in the customer terms.  Once you've selected the transaction from the workbench and opened the transaction overview screen, you want to choose Invoicing from the right.  You can send an invoice from any status of the transaction once it’s been converted to a reservation. 

Click + New Invoice and choose your terms and add any additional comments.  Enter the amount to be invoiced.  If you want to not include any previous payments made, then you want to check this option.  Same for overriding invoice date and auto invoice number.  When all is completed, be sure to click I’m Ready to Create the Invoice button.  

Once the invoice is created, you can view it on the screen immediately and choose to print or email to customer.  If you need to go back and view it at a later time, you can click on Invoicing again to see a list of all the invoices that were sent to the customer. 

Did you accidentally create an invoice for the incorrect amount?  No problem.  Once you open the transaction overview screen from the Workbench, click on Invoicing from the right.  Click the view icon next to the invoice that is incorrect.  You can now click the Delete button at the top and remove the invoice as if it was never created.

Need further assistance?  Click Here to reach email one of our support team members or click our live support feature at the bottom right of the screen.


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