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Adding a New Customer

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2018 12:49PM CDT
You have a customer that walks thru your door wanting to rent everything they need for an upcoming wedding or event.  Thankfully, you have everything they need.  However, when you start to create the transaction and select the customer, they’re not in your customer list.  No problem.  You can very easily add them as you’re creating the transaction.
To start the new rental, you will click + New Transaction from the workbench or New Rental from the Counter Menu.  From the customer search screen, click + New Customer. 
*Note: if you have a 2D Driver's License scanner, you can scan their licenses by clicking the Scan Driver's License button and all of their information will populate for you. For recommended scanners, you want to go to Admin-Configuration-Barcode Configuration. 
Once you click + New Customer, you want to enter at least their first name, last name and email address or primary phone number.  It is nice to have all of their information but, to get the quote to them quickly, these are the only fields required.

If you click Advanced Mode, you will find more information such as their DL number.

 Is your customer tax exempt or damage waiver exempt?  By clicking Advanced Mode, you will get to mark them as either or both.

You can also add an on-going sale or rental percentage discount for the customer. 

You can establish a credit limit for your customers who pay on account.  

If you have certain customers who pay upon the rental and are required to pay a certain percentage upon reservation or send out, you can set this.  This can be different for all customers.  If you require a certain percentage to be paid by all customers, you want to set this up within Admin-Configuration-Configure Tax and Payment Options.

You can enter messages or comments about your customers, too.  Only the internal staff will see this message.

Do you send out marketing emails for promotions and such?  Do you have customers that want to be a part of these promotion emails?  Just be sure to check the option Customer has agreed to receive marketing info and the customer will now receive any marketing promotional emails you sent. 

*NOTE:  The Point of Rental Essentials system is not a CRM and cannot be used for sending marketing emails.  You will need to export your customers to a third party marketing email system to send marketing emails.  The newly collected field will simply allow you to identify customer who have already opted to receive such emails.  You are responsible for recording your customers preferences correctly and respecting their wishes according to the laws of your country and/or state of operation.
You can also add this customer directly from the counter by clicking More and choosing Customers or from Admin-People-Customers.  Click the + New Customer button and you'll see the customer fields to complete.

If you want to be able to make changes to the customer’s information later, you can do so either directly from the contract by clicking the edit icon next to their information or from their customer record within the customer list. 

*NOTE:  If you make any changes to the customer information from the transaction, this will also update the customer record.  If the customer has more than one transaction, this change will only update on the transaction you're making the change for as well as the customer record.  For any other transactions the customer may have, you will need to go to each transaction and change the customer by clicking the search icon.  You want to select the same customer which will have the updated information.  

*NOTE:  If you update the customer record, you will also need to update the contract by switching the customer from the search icon on the transaction and choosing the same customer with the corrected information.

Click Here to reach a support team member to further assist you in creating or updating a new/existing customer.  Or, click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.


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