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Steps For New Quote, Reservation, Send Out, Receive

Last Updated: May 31, 2017 05:18PM CDT
You have a customer that comes into your store and wants to rent something you offer.  However, since you’re new at the software, you don’t know where to start.  Let us walk you thru the process.
Clicking New Rental is the first step.  From here, you want to enter the first few characters of the customer’s first or last name or even the company’s name. 

You will see a list of customer with those characters. From the list, you will select the correct customer by clicking the check mark in the bottom right corner of the customer record.  *If the customer doesn’t exist within your database, you can click + New Customer to your upper right and enter the information to add them.  See our New Customer doc on how to add a new customer with details.

Once the customer is chosen by selecting their name or clicking the check box under their balance due box, you want to enter the rental start date by clicking the calendar you see next to the Start field. 

Don’t know how long the customer will have the rental but you do know when they will return it?  No problem.  We can show you how to resolve this in two different ways.  You can click the duration icon next to the duration field and enter the return date.  Or, you can click the Due Date calendar and select the date in which the items will be returned/due.  Either will calculate the duration for you.

Do the rental items need to be delivered to the customer’s location?  You can very easily indicate delivery by checking the delivery option right under the start date. When checked, you have the option of choosing to use the customer’s address on file or a different address in which the customer will be using the rental items.  Are there specific delivery instructions the customer has for your delivery person?  Just enter those in the delivery notes section.  You will do the same for pick up. 

Of course, if the customer is bringing back the rental items instead of you picking them up, you can always uncheck the pickup option box.  And, if the customer has a different pick up address than what the items were delivered, you can indicate this on the pick-up option as well. 
Once the Create Quote button is clicked, you will see the contract #, customer information, start/due back date and the duration along with any delivery/pickup information that can be viewed by clicking the + next to the delivery/pickup information section.
Now, we want to add the items in which the customer wants to rent.  To do so, just start typing either the name, key, tag or any other information that you know for the item.  Any item with these keywords in any of the item fields will populate for you to choose from.  You will enter the quantity of the item the customer is to rent and click Rent Item.  This will add it to the contract.

Once added to the contract, you will see the list of items, quantity, rate and total fee.  Want to give a one-time item or contract discount?  Just click on Rate next to the line item and enter the new price or percentage discount amount.  This will give only this item a discount.  

Expand the Totals section of the transaction and click on Add Discount next to Rental or Sale Total to give an overall contract discount.  Enter the new amount or percentage discount amount.  Now you have given an overall contract discount for the customer.
Now you have your customer quote.  This is only a quote and will not take any quantities out of availability nor is it a firm confirmation. 

Now that everything is on the quote and the customer confirms, you want to convert the quote to a reservation.  Under your quote section, you have a Convert to Reservation link to click.  This will convert the quote to a reservation and place the items on hold for the customer.  The items are still not physically taken out of your availability quantity but they are on hold and won’t show as available for the specific duration period.

You now have a reservation in place for the customer and it is time for the rental to be sent out.  To be send it out, you want to click the Send Out link from the Reservation section.  This will start the reservation, turn it into an open order and temporarily remove the inventory from stock.

Once Send Out is clicked, you will come to the send out screen.  Here you will confirm the send out and customer information.  If you want to reset the start and end time due to the customer picking it up earlier or later than the start date and you want to start their time from the time they pick it up, then you will change this option.  Otherwise, if everything is correct, you will click the Confirm Send Out button to send those items out with the customer and remove them from availability.  Now, you have an open order.

Now the due date has arrived and the items have either been picked up or brought back.  Let me show you how to receive those items to place back into your inventory. 
You’re going to click the Receive link to your right under the Order section.  Once this is clicked, you will now have the option to check off the items that were physically returned along with the quantity that was returned and the quantity that was reported lost/damaged.  You also have the option to report any loss or damage and complete a condition sheet. 

Once this is completed, you have the choice to Receive: Recalculate price or Receive: Keep Original Price. 
If the items are late and you want to recalculate the price, you will have an estimated difference next to the receive options.  So, there’s no guessing in how much the final amount will be once received.  You also have the ability to change the received date in case you're receiving it for a different date than it was actually received.  Just click the date in blue and select the dates you want to change the received date to.

Now your items are received and back into your inventory for their next rental.  

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