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Creating Unserialized Kits

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 12:57PM CDT
Do you have all of these inventory pieces that go together as a kit and you don’t want the customer to see all of the pieces but just the kit name?  Let us show you how to easily create your kit. 
You want to make sure all of the pieces are added in your inventory by going to your inventory list and click + New Item.  You can choose Quick Add to add all of the pieces quickly. 

This will allow you to enter the basic information for those pieces.  Don’t forget to hit Save.

If you these items are kit component items only and you don’t rent them by themselves, then after creating the item, you want to edit the item and change the display from Show in Web Store to Kit/Suggested Item Only. 

Tents are a perfect use for unserialized kits.  Most rental stores purchase generic components that can be used to build any of your tents with different quantities of parts.  Let discuss a simplified example, 2 tents:

1) 10 X 10 Tent - 10 X 10 Top, 4x Pole, 1x Crown, 4x Corners, 1x Stakes and Ropes
2) 20 X 10 Tent - 10 X 20 Top, 8x Pole, 1x Crown, 4x Corners, 2x Stakes and Ropes

Let's assume you have:

3x 10 X 10 Top
2x 10 X 20 Top
16x Pole
4x Crown
4x Corners
4x Stakes and Ropes

Once all of the pieces or component items are entered into your inventory with the appropriate stock quantities and the display is selected accordingly, you want to create your kits within Essentials.  From the inventory list, click + New Item.  You want to choose Unserialized Kit to be able to create the kit and add all of your component pieces together.

From the Basic Information screen, you will enter all of the basic information that you want for this kit.

Once all of the basic information for the kit is entered, click the pricing tab to enter the base rate of the kit and any other pricing information you want to add.  The pricing should include every component piece.

Once all of the pricing information is entered and the appropriate price sheet, if you have more than one price sheet created, is selected, click Save.  Once you click Save, you will now be able to enter all of the component pieces and how many of each piece it takes to create this kit.  By default, the item will be added as a Kit Component type.  If this is an automatic or optional suggested item, be sure the change the type accordingly.  Click Confirm and the component/suggested item is now added as part of the kit.

*NOTE:  Kit Component item types won't show on the contract for the customer but any additional or optional suggested items will.  The kit name will always show on the contract for the customer.

Once all of the items are added, you will see the list of those items in the Component/Suggested Items list.  Click Save and you now have your first unserialized kit.

The quantity of component items you have in stock and the quantity needed to create this kit will determine how many of this kit you can create.  For example, if you need four poles and one top along with four stakes to create a simple pop up tent and you have eight of each piece available, you will be able to create two pop up tents.  This is because you only have enough poles and stakes to create this number of tents. 

Click Here to reach out to the support team for further assistance.  Or, click the Live Chat feature at the bottom right to instantly chat with a support team member.


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