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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:58PM CST
Are you in an area that has multiple tax rates? Can those tax rates have sub-rates within them? Let’s show you how to set those up.

You want to choose Pricing and then Tax Rates from your Rental Essentials Admin menu options.
Enter your tax rate description in the Create a new tax rate field. Enter the tax percentage rate in the percentage field next to the description field. Click Save. *If this is a combined tax percentage, you want to enter the total tax percentage rate. We will show you how to break these down in the next section.

Once this new tax rate is saved, you have the option of editing it to add any sub-rates. To add sub-rates, click the pencil next to the new rate.


Now you have the option to add a second sub-rate and split the total percentage amount. 

Once those have been defined, click Save and now you have your tax rate set up appropriately.

If a tax rate name changes or an amount changes, You will need to delete the incorrect name/rate and add a new rate with the correct information.   

Now that your tax rates are set up, let us show you how to define your default tax rate. 
Choose Configure Tax and Payment Options from Configuration within your Admin options.

This is where you’re going to choose the appropriate tax rate from your default tax drop downs. You will have the option to set the taxes on rental items, damage waiver and sale items. 
If you have a damage waiver percentage amount you charge the customers for all of your rental items, be sure to enter the percentage amount in the damage waiver percentage field.

*It’s up to your state, city or county whether you charge tax on your damage waiver. Please consult with your local state, city or county tax assessor for further direction.
If taxes are included in the prices that are given to your customers, be sure to check the prices include taxes option. If taxes are additional, you won’t want to check this option.

Most importantly, don’t forget to click Save to keep your changes.

Click Here for further assistance from our of our support team members or click our chat option at the bottom of the window to chat with one of our support team members.

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