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Digital Signature & How it Works

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2017 03:30PM CDT
Have you ever wondered why there has to be so much paper printed just to get a signature from a customer? Has the thought every crossed your mind: “Why can’t I just send a link to my customer to sign and then it gets sent back to me?” Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Rental Essentials is now partnered with e-Signature and you can email a customer a link for them to click on and have them electronically sign their contract. You can also have them digitally sign the contract at the store without have any additional hardware. Let us show you how it works.
The customer that you are sending a signature request to must first have an email address linked to their account. You can add this by going to their customer name from your customer list within the Counter or thru Admin-People-Customers.  Click the edit icon next to their name and enter an email address in their email field and click Save.
Now that the customer has an email address linked to them, you can send a request signature when you send the email.

From the Workbench, you want to select the contract in question. Click the Contract option and select Email to Customer.  From there, before you click Send you want to check the option to Request Signature and type in their name in the Legal Name field.  If you don't collect credit card payments within Essentials, you won't have this drop down but you will have the Request Signature option to check off.


Once the Request Signature option has been selected, you want to make sure the customer's legal name and email address is correct.

Now you can click Send once any additional email comments you may have are entered, 
The customer will then receive an email with a link to click on to view and digitally sign their contract

They will be asked to enter their email address.

*NOTE: What the customer enters has to be exactly what you enter.  This includes any capitalization, etc.  
Once they receive the request signature link in their email, they will be asked to verify their identity enter their email address

Once the customer identifies their identity, the contract and terms/agreements will show.  They will scroll down to view these terms/agreements.  Once they have scrolled down, they will have the option to digitally sign the contract.  If the customer has a touch screen device, they can very easily sign on the screen using a stylus pen or their finger.  They also have the option to type their name in which an electronic signature will be created for them.

Once the customer has signed the contract, they will click Save.  A second screen will be brought up to where they have to verify they are the person that signed the document.  They will scroll thru the terms again, check the "I accept" box and type in their name once more.  They will click Save and the documents is now completely finished.

Want to know when a request signature has been signed? You can set up notifications for yourself by clicking on your username at the top right and choosing Notification Settings. From there, you can select what type of notifications you want to receive including when a signature request has been signed. You can select to receive notifications for any signature requests you've sent or for any signature request any user within Essentials has sent.

You will now receive an email notification any time either any e-sig documents are completed or just when the ones you sent are completed depending on which notification you turned on.
You can go back later and view it as well. From the Workbench, you want to select the contract in question. Click the Contract tab and to your right will be a list of all signature requests sent along with the date/time the request was sent and if it has been signed or not.

You can view the signed document by clicking on the view icon next to it. This will bring up the PDF version of the contract.  If signed, you will see the electronic signature at the bottom of the contract terms/agreements. From the PDF view, you can print or just close it out. You can go back at any time and view this when needed; even when the transaction is closed and fully paid.  


*NOTE:  You can view closed transactions from the Workbench by clicking the Closed option from the Quick Filter options or generate the Closed Transactions Search Report within Admin-Reports-Transaction Reports.

Now that we have the request signature part down, what if the customer is at the store and you want to have them digitally sign the contract versus printing the contract and having them physically sign it? 

(*NOTE:  A touchscreen device must be used/purchased in order for the digital signature option to work from the counter.  You will not need a signature pad device as one will not be compatible with Essentials.) 

Printing and having the customer sign the contract is great.  Well, almost.  Now you have a piece of paper you have to keep up with.  Not anymore.  While the customer is at the store and the contract in question is on your screen, click the Digital Signature option to your right.  From there, you will enter the Customer’s Legal Name and your Rental Essentials password. 

Click Verify & Generate Document.  The customer will now be able to sign their name using your touchscreen device once they scroll thru the contract terms/agreements.


Once they have signed using the signature pad, they want to click Sign Document.  Once Sign Document has been clicked, the customer will check the I agree option to agree to the terms and then click Confirm Signature. 
You can view the signed document at any time by bringing up the contract is question and following the instruction above.

Do you have additional terms or agreements for one specific item that you need to send to a customer but these terms aren't for any other inventory items?  Are these documents for someone else within the customer's company other than the main person on the account?  Essentials now has a way you can send additional documents to customers that need to electronically signed.  

From the Counter Menu, we now have an option for More.  Click the arrow and choose E-signatures. 

Here you will see a list of all the documents that were sent out with a request for signature.  You will also be able to see when the document was sent, if it was signed and who signed it along with if it has been downloaded or not.  You are also able send a new document for signature from here without sending the contract.
Want to be able to have an employee or multiple employees receive notification once the additional document sent has been signed?  Just enter the email address(s) in the Signature Confirmation Notifies field separating the multiple email addresses with a ",".

Interested in getting this feature added on to your account.  You can click on your username at the top right and choose Manage My Account.  From there, click Manage/Change and to your right will be the option to add this to your account.  Or, you can Click Here to reach someone on our sales team for pricing.  You can Click Here to reach out to a support team member to learn more on how it works.  Or, click the live chat feature to your bottom right to instantly chat with a support team member for further assistance.

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