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Troubleshooting 101

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018 12:19PM CDT
Troubleshooting 101
Can’t receive items:
  • Make sure there are no TBD’s for any serialized items.  If there are, you will first need to assign the units and then you will be able to receive the items.
  • Make sure there are no units for any serialized items assigned twice.
  • Make sure the transaction is NOT in reservation status.
  • Make sure the item wasn't place in maintenance during the rental.
  • Not able to give a refund by credit card?
    • Make sure you are credit card integrated and able to take credit card payments.  If not and you’re interested, Click Here to send an email to our credit card department letting them know you're interested in being able to take credit card payments along with your company and contact information.
    • Refund cannot exceed payment collected on the card selected.  You now have the option to select which card you want to refund.  Be sure the amount you're refunding does not exceed the amount charged on the card selected. 
    • Make sure the card is not expired and is still active.
 Not able to remove contract taxes (rental or sale (*This is for a one-time instance.)):
  • Make sure there is a 0% tax rate created within Admin/Accounting/Tax Rates (NOTE* See our Tax Rates article on how to create tax rates.)
  • Expand Totals section and click on the tax rate and choose the 0% from the drop down
Customer is being charged taxes when they don’t need to be (*This is for a tax exempt person for every order they have):
  • Make sure Tax Free option on their customer record is selected by editing the customer’s information from the transaction and clicking pencil icon.  Change from Basic to Advanced Mode and you will see the Tax Free option toward the bottom.  If this is not checked, check it and click Save.
  • Once the above is completed, you want to expand the Totals section and click on the tax rate amount.  Change this from what it is to 0% option.  If the 0% option is not listed, make sure you have a tax rate created for 0%. (Refer to our Tax Rate article on how to set this up.)
 Customer is NOT being charged taxes when they need to be:
  • Expand the totals section on the transaction to make sure the tax rate is NOT set to 0%
  • Edit the customer from the transaction changing from Basic to Advanced mode to make sure the customer is NOT marked as tax free.
  • Edit the inventory item and make sure tax free on the Basic Information tab is NOT checked.
  • From Admin-Configuration-Configure Tax and Payment options, make sure your default tax rate is NOT set to 0%.
 Request Payment is not an Option:
  • You have to be set up to be able to take credit card payments within Rental Essentials.  If you’re not, Click Here to send an email to our credit card team with your company name and contact information.  Our credit card processing department will contact you to give you options.
 Contract won’t close:
  • Make sure all payment amounts have been collected and there is a $0 balance remaining.
  • Make sure all items have been received.
  • Make sure no refunds are due from changes/modifications that were made.
 Quick Sale won’t close:
  • Make sure total amounts are collected/refunded and $0 is due.
  • If there are not items on the Quick Sale transaction, click Cancel Quick Sale option at the top above the customer information.
 Not able to change item price:
  • Make sure item is marked to allow discount.  You can do so by clicking the edit icon (pencil) next to the item within your inventory list and checking the Allow Discount option toward to bottom of the Basic Information page.
  • Make sure base rate/sale price is $0.01 or greater.  You can verify this on the Pricing tab of the item when in edit mode (pencil next to item within inventory selection).
 Items on Reservation were accidentally sent out:
  • Copy Transaction from above.
  • Choose Copy Items or Copy Items and Serialized Instances (if there are serialized items on the contract).
  • Change dates if needed.
  • Select Make Copy.
  • Convert to Reservation
  • Click Back to Parent Transaction to go back to the original transaction.
  • You want to refund any money that was collected on the original transaction by "Other" payment method.
  • Click Cancel Transaction.
  • Go back to copied transaction, or the new transaction.
  • Collect any payments that were refunded on the original by "Other" payment
  • *By using "Other" payment instead of what the original payment method was, your "cash drawer" won't have a descripancy and the customer won't see a second charge and refund on their credit card statement.
 Overtime won’t calculate:
  • Make sure overtime is set up correctly within Admin-Configuration-Configure Date/Time Options.
  • Make sure there is no minimum grace period entered.
  • Verify the maximum grace period.
  • If this is for an metered item, make sure the allowed usage and overtime charges on the Pricing tab of the item are correct.
 Delivery Fee not being calculated:
  • Make sure there is a default delivery fee added within Admin-Configuration-Tax and Payment Options if you have an automatic delivery fee amount you charge.
  • Make sure the option to add delivery fee is set to either Always or Only when delivery is selected and NOT Never.
  • If the delivery fee is not taxed, make sure you check the Tax Free Delivery Fee option.
  • If you have Delivery Fees by postal codes set up, make sure the delivery postal code is included in the list.
  • If the delivery address is the customer's address, make sure the postal code is included in your Delivery Fees list.
  • Make sure Delivery is checked on the transaction.  If you don't see the Delivery/Pick Up section, edit the dates in the duration section and select delivery from here.
  • If you don't have automatic delivery set up, make sure the delivery item is added to your inventory list as a virtual sales item with at least a sales price of $0.01.  If it is, you will need to search delivery in the search field on the transaction to add it as an inventory item and click the rate to change the amount to the desired delivery fee amount.
Incorrect Delivery Fee is being added:
  • Make sure the delivery zip code on the delivery address of the contract is added within Admin-Pricing-Delivery Fee with the correct amount to charge.
  • If you don't have delivery zip codes set up, make sure the delivery fee is set up as a virtual sales item with a sales price of at least $0.01 and added to the transaction.  Amount can be changed by clicking on Rate and changing to the desired amount.
Damage Waiver tax is being calculated when it shouldn't be (This is for 0% tax rate on damage waiver.):
  • Go to Admin-Pricing-Tax Rates and make sure you have a 0% tax rate set up. 
  • Go to Admin-Configuration-Tax and Payment Options and make sure the default damage waiver tax is set to the 0% tax rate you created.
  • Go back to the transaction and expand the Totals section.  Click on the damage waiver tax rate amount and change it to the 0% option created.
Damage Waiver isn’t being calculated:
  • Make sure there is a damage waiver % in the Admin-Configuration-Tax and Payment Options screen. 
  • If you don't do an overall damage waiver percentage amount but it's damages waiver only on certain items, make sure those items have the dollar damage waiver amount entered on the Pricing tab of the edit inventory item screen.
  • Make sure the customer is not marked Damage Waiver exempt.
 Damage Waiver is being calculated on everything when it needs to be certain items:
  • From Admin/Configuration/Tax and Payment Options, make sure the damage waiver % field is blank.
  • Damage waiver amount will need to be placed on the inventory pricing screen for only those items that have damage waiver amounts.
 Customer is being charged Damage Waiver when not needed:
  • Make sure the customer is marked Damage Waiver free on their record by clicking the edit icon (pencil) next to the customer’s name and changing from Basic to Advance mode.
  • If you don’t have damage waiver, make sure you have the damage waiver percentage field blanked out along with the damage waiver default tax set to 0%.  
  • If you don't have damage waiver, make sure no inventory items have a damage waiver dollar amount on their Pricing sheet when you edit the inventory item.
  • If the customer declined damage waiver, make sure you edit the damage waiver line item on the transaction and check Damage Waiver Refused option.
Inventory Imports: Click Here to request a simple inventory import sample.  You can also find a sample spreadsheet on the import page:
  • Make sure the following fields are completed:
    • Item Name
    • Category
    • Transaction Type (Unserialized Item, Serialized Item, etc.)
    • Item Type (Rental, Sale)
    • Quantity
    • Purchase Date (any date prior to the current date and time)
    • Purchase Price
    • Sale Price (if sales item)
    • Base Rate (if rental item)
    • Serial Number (only if it’s a serialized item)
    • Model Name (only if it’s a serialized item)
    • If serialized item, make sure the main record is listed first with only the first three above fields completed and each instance is listed in its own line with everything but the first three above fields completed. (See serialized sample spreadsheet given to you previously.)
Customer Imports: Click Here to request a simple customer import sample.  You can also find a sample file on the customer import screen:
  • Make sure the following fields are completed:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Primary Phone (optional if email address is completed)
    • Email Address (optional if primary phone is completed)
    • Street Address (Line 1), City, State and Postal Code are optional but can be added to the spreadsheet.
Quantity/Overbooking Incorrect:
  • Check the inventory item's availability from the inventory list screen.  If the availability is incorrect, click the link showing the availability.  This will show you the list of contracts this item is on.
  • You can also pull up the transaction with the overbooked item and click the warning at the top of the transaction overview screen.
  • Make sure there are no overdue transactions with the item on it.  You can verify this from the Workbench with any transaction showing in red.
  • From Admin-Reports, you can generate the Overbooked Inventory and Conflicting Overbooks reports.
  • Check the Stock tab to make sure none are in maintenance that shouldn't be.  If there are, you want to receive them from maintenance if it's a serialized item.  If this is a serialized item, click the maintenance icon next to the instance and make sure there's a Back in Stock date entered.
  • From the Inventory List, choose Disabled from the Quick Filters drop down to make sure none are deactivated.
  • Has the item been deleted versus disabled? 
  • Make sure the purchase date on the stock tab is BEFORE the transaction date (verify date AND time on both).
 Item Missing:
  • Check "Disabled" from the Quick Filter option on the inventory list.
  • Check stock tab to make sure it wasn’t sold or still in maintenance.
  • If it's still in maintenance, you want to receive it from maintenance.  (*If this is a serialized item, click on the Stock tab from the inventory item edit screen.  Click the to edit the maintenance record and enter a Back in Stock date.
 Availability Incorrect:
  • Make sure the purchase date on the stock tab is BEFORE the start and due back date on the transaction.
  • Make sure the start and due back dates on transaction are not the same.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding transactions with this item listed that is past due and not received.
  • Make sure there are no quantities or stock still in maintenance.  If so, you want to receive from maintenance.
Customer hasn’t received signature email:
  • This is an add on feature that has to be purchased.  You can click on your Username to the upper right and choose Manage My Account-Manage/Change and select Digital Signature.  Refresh the browser and the option to Request Signature will now be there.
  • Verify the request was sent by going to the contract overview screen.  If it was sent, there will be a list to the right. 
  • If it wasn’t sent, when choosing email, the request signature option has to be checked (or selected from a drop down if you have the ability to collect credit card payments).
  • Have your customer check their spam/junk folder?
  • Verify email to make sure you have the correct spelling and correct address.
  • Your customer needs to make sure their email server isn’t blocking any emails coming from by contacting their email provider/host.
 You haven’t received notification:
  • Click on your username at the top right and choose Notifications to make sure the particular notification you're looking for is turned on.
  • If the above is true, go into the contract and click on the Contract tab.  You will see a list of digital signature requests sent.  If they haven’t been signed, this is why.  If they have signed it, go to Admin-Management-Employees and make sure your email address is correct. 
Multiple invoices greater than amount owed:
  • Make sure automatic billing is not set up.
  • Turn off automatic billing (if it is set up) by clicking on Automatic billing and click delete.
  • Click the View icon to any incorrect invoices created and click the Delete button at the top of the invoice.  This will delete the invoice as it never happened and reduce the amount owed.
A negative invoice is created:
  • If there is a negative invoice, this is because a payment was taken and then invoiced for the full amount instead of what was remaining.  *This will especially happen if Automatic Billing is set up.  Create a positive invoice just for the negative amount and that will cancel the negative invoice.  Or, delete the negative invoice that was created.
Locations not showing up for customer:
  • Make sure the option to show on store front is selected within Admin-Management-Locations and edit the delivery location that is not appearing on the store front.
 Login credentials are invalid:
  • Make sure username and password are exact (password is case sensitive).
  • Click Forgot Password and enter information.
  • Email will be sent with a link (expires after 24 hours) to click on to reset password.
Invalid Login:
  • They have to enter their name and/or email address exactly like it was entered by our customer.  Spelling, capitalization and punctuation has to be EXACT.
 Forgotten Username/Password:
  • Click the Forgot Password link on the login screen and enter correct information to the right.  An email will be sent with a link to click on that will allow them to change their password.
Deliveries not showing up:
  • Delivery has to be marked
  • The reservation has to be sent out.
 Pick-ups are still showing as deliveries:
  • They have to be marked as delivered within the app.
 Deliveries/Pick-ups are still showing in APP:
  • Delivery and/or pick up has to be marked within the transaction in the app.
Payments posting incorrectly:
  • Make sure the accounts are exact in Admin-Accounting-Accounts as they are in QuickBooks Online.

Click Here to email us for any further questions you may have.  Or, click our live chat feature found in the lower right corner of the screen to chat with a support team member for any further questions you may have.

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