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Adding New Serialized Inventory

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2017 05:40PM CDT
Do you have pieces if inventory that you would like to keep usage and income separately but are part of a group?  For example, you might have four trenchers but you want to keep the usage for all four units separate but don’t want to have four different inventory items of the same product.  Let us show you how you can keep all of your trenchers together but yet the income and utilization separately. 
From the Counter menu, click More and select Inventory and click + New Item.  Choose what type of item you want to add.  In order to keep all of your trenchers under the same group but income and utilization separately, you want to select Serialized Item as this item type.
From the Basic Information screen, you want to complete the required or needed information for the item.  The Name, Category and Display are the only fields required for this screen.  But, you might want to complete other fields for your information and reporting purposes.  If this is a metered item, be sure to specify which meter type this item is going to be.  You can find this option at the bottom of the Basic Information screen.

Once all of the desired information has been completed, you want to go to the Pricing Tab to set up the base rate of what you will be charging to rent this item, any deposit required, replacement cost and any flat dollar damage waiver amount.  *NOTE:  If you have an overall damage waiver percentage for all your items, the damage waive dollar amount field will not be available for your items.


If this is a meter type item, be sure you complete the allowed usage and any amount charged for usage gone over the allowed times.


If you have multiple price sheets set up, be sure to assign the appropriate price sheet to the item.  If no price sheet is assigned, the default price sheet will be linked to the item.

Once all of the desired information is entered, don’t forget to click Save. 

Next, click the Stock tab to add each specific unit with its serial number.  The easiest way to add all units at the same time is to click the + Quick Add Serialized Item button.  This will allow you to add each unit onto a list and then be added to the main item record at the same time. Once you complete the Model Name, Serial Number and Price you paid, you want to click the + Add button to add this unit to your list of units to be added.  As you add your units to your list, you can see the list populate with each unit you’ve added. 

Once you have all of the units in your list, you want to click Save .  All of your units will now appear under the main item on the stock tab.

You also have the ability to add each unit in separately.  When you do, you will have more fields to complete for your information.  When choosing Advance Mode, you will have the ability to add the manufacturer, meter count, specific barcode, model year, model number as well as vendor information and much more.

Once all the stock or serialized items have been added, you can click Scheduled Maintenance and add any routine maintenance schedules for this particular item.  If you don't have any, you can skip this screen.

If you have any optional or automatic suggested items, you can add those to the Suggested Items tab.

Once everything has been added, click Save and you now have a serialized item listed in your inventory.
When you add this item on a transaction, you will be adding the main item name and will see a TBD times the quantity under the item name on the transaction.  This means that the specific unit(s) hasn’t been assigned yet.  You can either click on the TBD  and choose an available unit  by checking the box next to the unit you will be sending out or when you send out  the transaction, you can select the specific unit from the list of available units. 
Once the specific unit has been selected, it will appear on the transaction and contract for you and the customer to see.

Need further assistance?  Click Here to reach a support team member and someone will be glad to assist.  Or, click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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