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Hour Metered & Usage Items

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 12:12PM CDT
Do you have hour or metered reading items that you would like to keep track of their usage?  Or, even charge overtime for any usage overage?  Now you can do both within Rental Essentials.  Let us show you how. 
*NOTE:  Hour and meter or kilometer readings keep track of usage for individual units and will not work for bulk or unserialized item. 
From the Counter menu, click More and select Inventory to get to your inventory list.  Find the item that is going to be a metered item and click the edit icon next to the item.  From the Basic Information tab, be sure the type of meter is selected.  
Once the meter type is selected, you want to click Save and edit the inventory item once more.  Click on the Pricing tab to enter the allowed usage and any charge for any usage over the allowed amount.

Now that the allowed usage and overage charge has been entered, click on the Stock tab to enter the current meter readings.  Click the edit icon next to each unit.  Switch from Basic Mode to Advanced Mode to see the meter reading field.  Enter the current readings and click Save.  

Don't have the current meter readings?  No problem.  When you send the item out from Reservation status, Essentials will have a field to enter the going out meter readings.  Once the meter readings are entered here, the meter readings on the instance edit screen will automatically update.

When the item is received, you will have another meter reading field to complete. 

Essentials will then take the beginning meter readings and the returned meter readings and do the math for you to calculate the meter reading the customer used.  If the difference in greater than the allowed usage amount, Essentials will take the difference of the allowed usage and what the customer went over and calculate the overage dollar amount based on what you entered on the Pricing tab of the inventory item.

The new meter readings are now updated on the stock instance edit screen.  These can be manually updated at any time.

Need further assistance?  Click Here and someone from our support team will be glad to assist you.  Or, click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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