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Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 11:19AM CDT
Do you have hour or metered reading items that you would like to keep track of their usage?  Or, even charge overtime for any usage overage?  Now you can do both within Rental Essentials.  Let us show you how. 
*NOTE:  Hour and meter readings keep track of usage for individual units and will not work for bulk or unserialized item. 
From your Inventory selection screen, you want to click the edit icon next to the hour or metered reading inventory item.  From the Basic Information screen, you want to scroll to the bottom of the page and select what meter type this item is. 
Once you’ve selected the meter type, you want to go to the Stock tab of the item record and click the edit icon next to each unit updating the meter reading one at a time. 

Don’t forget to click Save for each one.  Once each unit is updated and saved, you want to click Save again.
Now that we have our items updated, let us set up our configurations for calculating overtime usage.   We’re going to click the edit icon next to the item again.  This time, we’re going to the Pricing tab.  From here, we’re going to set all of our allowed usage for all of our rate structures. 
We’re also going to set up what we charge for any overage when a customer goes over their allowed hours for their corresponding duration.

Don’t forget to click Save.  We don’t want to lose any of our changes. 
Now that everything is set up, every time you add a unit that has meter type defined on a transaction, you will be prompted for the going out hours at the time of confirming send out. 

Once the items are received, you will be prompted for the coming back hours.

The system will calculate the difference between the hours on the unit going out and the hours on the unit coming back.  If the difference is greater than what is allowed, Rental Essentials will calculate overtime accordingly.  If the overtime amount is greater than the next rental period rate, Rental Essentials will use the next rental period rate for overtime usage.  We pick the best rate for you and your customer.  We want your customer to continue to rent from you.
Once you’ve received the unit and updated the hours used, you can go back to the inventory overview and see where the hours are now updated on the unit’s record. 

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