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Multi-Location Overview

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2018 11:16AM CDT
Do you have more than one location/store?  Do you want to know if another location/store has something in stock that your store doesn’t but the customer is in front of you or on the phone and you don’t have that second to call the other store?  What about an easy way of keeping track of each store’s inventory and income separately?  You can easily do all of the above with the multi-location feature for Rental Essentials.  Let us show you how.  
When you have the multi-location feature, you have the ability to use one username and choose which store you want to be in.

Once you choose your location/store, you can not only see what inventory you have in stock but you can also view the other location(s)/store(s) inventory as well.  

Before you are able to see your inventory in both stores, the inventory will be added into the main store along with the stock or quantities.  Once this is completed, you want to go to each store and from the Inventory screen, chose Show Disabled from the Quick Filter drop down.  Select all items and from Actions, select Reactivate Items.  Now, all you have to do is add quantities to each store and when you're logged into one store, you can see availability of an item from all stores within the view icon.

Let’s say you have a customer on the phone.  And, they want to know if you have a Nikon D810 camera available for this weekend.  Let’s go to the inventory selection screen and click the view icon next to the item.  You will now see your calendar availability overview for your store.

Seeing multiple numbers in each date might confuse you a little.  Don't worry.  You will see an explanation of what each number represents at the bottom of the calendar.  
Now that you can see you only have one available for the date in which the customer needs it but the customer needs two, you can click More Details and have the option to Show Multi-Store Availability. 

Click on this and you will have the option to enter start date you want to view along with what quantity the other locations/stores have.   

Want to look for a date that is later or sooner than what’s showing?  Just click the double right or left arrows to go to previous or future dates.
Now that you know your uptown location has three of the Nikon D810 cameras available on the date the customer needs them, you can go ahead and create the transaction for the customer for the date.  This will show as overbooked for now.  Once the transaction is created, you can toggle to the other location from the store/location drop down menu at the top of your screen; that is as long as you didn't click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of this window.  If you don't have the toggle drop down option, just log out of Essentials and log back in.  The drop down will appear again for you.  

From the Inventory selection screen, you want to click the edit icon next to the item you need.  From here, you have the option to transfer this item from the uptown location to your location.  Click the Stock tab and then the transfer or double arrows icon.  Now you get to choose which location you want to transfer this item to by selecting your location from the Transfer To drop down menu. 

Click Save and now this item is transferred into your inventory availability and your transaction is no longer overbooked.  You can view the transfer history here as well. 

Don't forget to call the other store and have them send that item your way.

Want to know more about the pricing of and how the multi-location feature can help you?  Click Here to reach out to our sales team for a quick demo and pricing.  Click Here to reach out to a support team member.  Or click the live chat feature at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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