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Setting Company Hours

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 08:15AM CDT
Do you want your store hours to show on customer contracts or your website?  Are your offices opened during the week but you still deliver on weekends and want your customers to know?  Let’s say it’s a holiday and you’re closed and want your customers to know.  Let us show you how to set your store and holiday hours.
From your Admin menu, select Configuration and choose Company Details.  You want to click  from the Company Hours section.  You can select if these hours are for a specific date or day.  If these hours are the hours you’re opened for a specific day every day of the week, then you want to choose Day.  If these hours are for a specific date, like a holiday for example, then you want to select Date.
For now, select Day and choose the day of the week from the next drop down. 
Now, you will enter the time you open and the time you close.  If you’re closed on this day of the week/weekend, then you want to select the Closed option.  If this is a day during the week/weekend that you’re closed but you still delivery, to let your customers know that even though your offices are closed you still make deliveries, you want to add a note in the Closed Reason field.
You want to keep adding new company hours for every day that you’re opened or closed.  These hours and any reasons will appear on customer contracts and your store front. 
Now that you have your work week hours completed, what about a holiday that is coming up?  You will follow the same steps with one difference.  Instead of selecting Day, you will select Date and enter the date on which you are closed.  This will be for this one date for the current year only and will appear on the store front and customer contract when it falls within a two week window.  

Once your hours are set, click Save and you’re done.  

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