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Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017 04:37PM CDT
Do you occasionally have promotions going on and want to discount a day or days of a rental?  Let’s say you have a weekend promotion going on for the summer.  Anytime a customer has a rental beginning on Saturday for a minimum of three days, they get charged for Saturday and Monday (because you’re closed Sunday) only.  You’re closed on Sunday and you don't want to charge them for Sunday rental.  

(*Note:  If the rental duration ends on a day that you’re closed, you will not need to enter a discount.  The software will automatically charge them $0.00 for that day and the due date will roll over to the next day you’re opened according to how you have your rollover window settings set up within Admin-Configuration-Configure Date and Time Option.) 

Not sure how to set this up to where you or your employees won’t forget to add a discount to the transaction?  Let’s show you how easy this can be.
Within Admin-Pricing-Day Discounts, click + New Day Discount. 

You want to select the day in which the rental will begin.  In our scenario above, there is a discount for Sunday being that we're closed on that day.  From the Day drop down menu, select Saturday since this is the day the rental will begin.    
Next, you want to enter the discount percentage amount. In this case, it would be 33.33%.  Where did we come up with that number?  The rental transaction is for a 3 day duration.  Since we're only charging for two days, we're going to divide the rental duration (3 days for this example) by 100% to get the percentage discount.  Just enter the amount and the system will add the % to the end of the amount for you. 
For this case, since we're discounting a day we're closed for a certain duration with a certain start day, we're going to select Only Start Date for when the discount applies.  
Since this particular discount is for a minimum duration of three days, you will want to enter 3d in the Minimum field under the DURATION APPLICABILITY section.  You will only enter a Maximum if you don’t want the discount to apply over a certain length of rental.   Since the example is for three days only, you will want to enter 3d in the Maximum field as well. 
You will only enter a Minimum and Maximum BASE RATE APPLICABILITY if you want this discount to apply to any rental no less than a certain amount and no more than a certain amount.  Otherwise, you will leave this blank if the rental amount doesn’t matter. 

You will only need to add the Base Rate Applicability fields if you have a minimum and/or maximum dollar amount this day discount applies to.  Once all of the information is completed, click Save and you now have your day discount added.
Need further assistance?  Click Here to reach out to our support team.  Or, click the live chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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