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Automatic Damage Charges

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 02:06PM CDT
Want to charge your customers for any damages they may have caused to your items?  Let us show you how this can be done.
You first want to make sure you have your items’ replacement costs are entered for each item.  You can very easily add these by clicking the edit icon next to the item within your inventory selection screen and enter the amount in the replacement cost field from the pricing tab.  Click Save to keep your changes.  (*Have a lot of replacement costs to add?  You can very easily do this by exporting all items from your inventory selection screen, entering the amount in the replacement cost field for all items, save and re-import. Click Here to email support for more assistance.)
Now that all of your replacement costs are entered, when you receive an item back from rental and there has been damage done to the item, check the item(s) you’re receiving and in the condition drop down menu, choose “Needs Repair” and the “Put into Maintenance” box is automatically checked.  All you have to do is enter a fee amount and description of damages and receive either using recalculate price or keep original price.  This will automatically add a damage fee onto the transaction for the customer to see. 

Do you have an item that is completely damages and not able to be used or lost and want to charge the customer the replacement fee?  Just choose “Unusable” or “lost” from the condition drop down menu.  A fee in the amount of the item’s replacement cost will automatically be completed in the fee field.  All you have to do is enter a description of damage done and receive either using recalculate price or keep original price. 

This will now receive that item and add it to the same transaction as a sales item in the amount of the replacement cost.  The rental amount will also be charged to the customer as well. 

If you have the condition photo add on feature, this will also allow you to add photos of the damage to go along with the damage fees.  You select this add on feature by choosing Manage My Account under your username in the upper right.  Click Manage/Change next to Package Details and select Photo Add On.  You can also email Click Here to email sales for more information and to add Condition Photos to your current package.
NOTE:  The condition drop down will only be listed for any serialized items you have.  For any unserialized items that are damaged or lost, you will enter the quantity in the damage/lost field.  The item will then be taken out of your inventory and a sales price of the replacement cost will be added to the transaction for the customer.

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