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Coupon "Discount" Codes

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 02:20PM CDT
Do you offer coupon or discount codes to your customers thru local ads or promotions?  Now, your customer is able to enter that code onto the storefront when they place their order.  If the customer brings in the coupon code, your counter person now has the option to enter that code onto the transaction.  Let us show you how.
You first want to set up your coupon code(s) by going to Admin, Pricing and selecting Coupons.  From here, click + New Coupon and enter the name of the coupon along with the coupon code, expiration date, and rental and/or sale discount percent or dollar amount.  Click Save and now you have your first coupon code added.  Repeat steps for any and all coupons codes you may have going on at this time. 

When your counter person is adding the coupon code to the customer’s transaction, they will enter the code above the deposit details (if deposit is required) or totals section is no deposit is required.  Once they type in the coupon code, they will see the coupon name you entered and will select Apply. 
Once applied, they will see the name of the coupon and “Coupon Applied” in the Coupon Code section.

They will also see the coupon name and amount in the totals section.

For your customer who creates an order online, they will see a Coupon Code field right above the Get Estimate button.  They will see this coupon applied to their total at checkout.

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