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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018 03:50PM CST
  • Dashboard: This is a quick overview of the most ten recent modified transactions along with what's currently going out and coming back on the current date.  You want to see what's coming back or going out on a different date?  Just click the calendar icon in each section and change the date accordingly.

REGISTERS (or STATIONS if you have the KIOSK feature.  Please see our document on setting up your kiosk configurations.):
  • Where you will go to set up multiple “cash registers” that might be used within the store.  When a new register is created, a new URL is created with it.  The computer the register is assigned with needs to set this new URL as their home page so when they log, they will be directed to the correct drawer.  You can reconcile each drawer by clicking the edit icon next to the drawer name and see a running total of cash taken to the right.  To reset the drawer, just enter the beginning cash for the next day.

  • Price Sheets:  where you go to set up your rate structures rate percentages of base rate listed on inventory item record; you can always override this on the item record from the pricing tab

  • Tax Rates: where you set up your different tax rates/jurisdictions; some states are required to charge taxes in the area in which the items are being used vs where the item was being rented from; you can even set up tiers here
  • Delivery Fees:  where you set up your automatic delivery fees for all zip codes you deliver to; when there is a delivery address completed, the system will look at the delivery zip code to see if it exists in the delivery fees list; if so, it will add the default delivery fee for this zip; if not, it will add the default delivery fee
  • Day Discounts: this is where you set any promotional day discounts you have going on; i.e. any rental starting on Monday for a week long, you get Wednesday at 50% off (or something similar)
  • Coupons: this is where you can set up coupon codes your customers can use online or at the store for coupon deals.
  • Inventory: a second place to edit and update any inventory items you may have other than from the counter menu
  • Categories:  where to add any new categories similar items are placed in or update existing ones; you can add pictures here as well as rearrange how your categories appear on your store front; to rearrange, highlight a category while holding down your mouse and dragging to where you want it to be; once it’s in the spot where you want it to be, let go of the mouse and it now shows in this order

  • Locations:  lets you set up your most used delivery or general locations in which your items will be kept.

  • Maintenance:  allows you to quickly add serialized items into maintenance or quickly receive serialized items from Mainentance.  You will also see a list of items that are still in maintenance.

  • Credit Card Processing:  tells you how to get started with being able to take credit card payments.  Click Here to email our credit card department for more information.

  • Accounts:  where you will add your General Ledger Chart of Account numbers so you can run reports and import into your accounting software;  if you have QuickBooks Online and you want to be able to sync the two software together, Click Here to reach out to our support team for more information on how to get this set up.
  • QuickBooks Integration: a brief description of how QuickBooks integration works and where you can find reports to generate and import into your QuickBooks accounting software desktop version.  The option to sync with QuickBooks Online is here, too.  Email for more information.
  • Xero Integration:  a brief description of how Xero integration works and where you can find reports to generate and import into your Xero accounting software desktop version.  The option to sync with Xero online is here, too.  Email for more information.

  • Customers: a second place to edit and update any customer information you may have other than from the counter menu; you can click on Advanced mode to enter tax exempt, damage waiver exempt, DL information and internal notes
  • Employees: where you go to add new employees and choose what role they need; in order to access Rental Essentials, they need a username created which can be created right above their first name; they will also need an email address
  • Themes: where you can add color themes such as header & footer colors, primary text colors and tag colors to your site.
  • Company Details: where you set your company hours, company name, company description, address/contact information and time zone; you can also set which holidays you’re closed or close early.

  • Configure Date/Time Options:  where you set your date formatting, rollover times and windows and grace period.  

If you want to hide your start and due times from printing on the customer contract, you can set that here, too.

You can set the start and due dates default to change upon send out and the start/due dates will update to the current dates and times that you send the items out.  This can be used for early pick ups/deliveries or you can set it to know in case you were busy and forgot to send the reservation out.  You can always toggle between the two upon send out.

You have the ability to set your default Workbench overview to just see the current week, which you can always see week to week, or to see all transactions including past, present and future.  

  • Configure Printing Options: where you get to upload your company logo, enter your rental terms, contract banner any damage waiver refusal text, choose what you want to print on contracts (i.e. replacement cost, tax regions, special request and payment receipts), choose how you want your items to be sorted on contracts and choose your contract and invoice formats.  You also get to enable the invoicing feature and create your terms and enter a default invoice message or even change the invoice title.  Don't want your discounts and damage waivers to appear as line items on the contract?  No worries.  You have the option to remove those as line items but still have them show in the totals section of the contract.

  • Configure Tax and Payment Options: where you get to choose if your by the day rentals, set your default tax rates and damage waiver percentage rates, choose the currency for your country, set up early return refund minimums and late return overage minimums along with percentage rates of what’s due at the time of reservations or upon open order and select when you want your automatic delivery fees to be added along with setting up your default delivery rates which can now be marked as tax free from here.

  • Configure Email Options: where you set your reply-to email address so when customer reply back to an email you sent them thru Essentials, they will reply back to you instead of going to a non-responsive email address; you can also set an email address to be bcc’d every time an email is sent along with creating your default email body messages for reminder emails, reservations, quotes and open orders for when they’re sent; you can also set to send out early reminders to customers that will be sent two days prior to rentals due back so they won’t forget
  • Configure Customer Options:  Do you have certain customer fields or information that is required to get from the customer?  You can set the required fields for the counter person to get from the customer before they can add the customer as a new customer.  You are also able to set up your Statement configurations here.

  • Front End Configurations: corresponds with your current website; instructions are given on how to embed the Essentials customer store front into your current store’s website using WordPress or general instructions.  If you take credit card payments, you can set up what the minimums will be to hold reservations rather it be on the rental amount itself or a deposit. In order for the deposit percentage to work, there must be a deposit amount entered on the Pricing page of your items that require a deposit.  Don't have this option but you want your customers to reserve online?  You can add this feature onto your current plan by going to Manage My Account under your username.  Click Manage/Change and you will now see the option to add the Customer Storefront.  Just select the option and click Update.  Click Here to reach out to our support team for assistance.  Click Here to reach our sales team for pricing questions.  Click Here to reach our credit card processing department for more information on the ability to collect credit card payments within Essentials.

You also have the option to allow customers to enter coupon codes on storefront, display a QR code on the final contract screen, enter price description text for a brief description on the prices for all items/contracts, all customers to like items on FaceBook and even enter a PO# for a reservation.

You can require certain information from your customers on the storefront or even hide your start and due times.

Don't want your customers to be able to overbook items or to be able to make changes once a quote has been created on the storefront?  You have those options, too.


  • Barcode Configurations: interested in being able to scan items from a barcode label to place directly on the contract or a customer’s DL to be able to enter their information into your customer list without having to manually enter their information; this tells you which barcode readers are recommended; they may be purchased from us or eBay or Amazon.  *NOTE:  There is NO support for your barcode/DL scanner if NOT purchased from Rental Essentials.  

  • Informational reports you can pull at any time to view credit card audits (great if you take credit card payments within Essentials to compare with your online merchant account), payments receipts (great to compare what payments were taken with the register directory), category and inventory item income reports, Inventory Return on Investments, Transaction History, GL reports and a lot more.  Each report has a description of the information it will show you.

Click Here to reach our support team for any questions or further assistance over any of these Admin menu options.  Or, click the live chat feature at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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