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Setting Up the Kiosk Feature

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018 03:03PM CDT
Do you own a ski shop, bike shop or boat marina and want your customers to be able to enter their information including credit card prior to coming to the counter to get fitted for or pick up their items? 

With our Kiosk feature, Essentials can help you accomplish this.

Once you have the feature added to your account, you can follow these instructions to get it set up and placed on your Kiosk device.
From the Admin mode of Rental Essentials, once the kiosk feature is turned on, choose Stations from your menu.  Then, you want to choose Kiosks from your drop down. 

Next, you want to click + New Kiosk and create your Kiosk station. 

From the Create Kiosk screen, you want to enter the name of the kiosk. It is recommended to have each kiosk set up with a different name and to name each kiosk something that is easy to remember its location and which kiosk it is.  Each kiosk you create will have its own specific URL which will include the name of the kiosk. Once the name is entered, if this is going to be your default kiosk, be sure to check the Default Kiosk option.  Otherwise, you want to click Save.

Now that you have created one of your kiosk stations, you want to create an additional kiosk stations you may have.  Once they’re all set up, you want to click the edit icon next to the first one to set up the Kiosk Configurations.  This will allow you to add a splash screen to the kiosk featuring your store’s logo.  Under the section, click the "+" to add a kiosk configuration option.  Within the configurations screen, you want to enter the Kiosk Configuration Setting Name along with setting up the Welcome Page, Signature Page, and Final Page.

Do you have a store logo that you want to appear as the first screen your customer will see on the kiosk?  You can upload that from the Splash Screen section.

The Welcome Page is just a small welcome introduction about your company or a short message you have for your customers.
If you have certain customer profile fields that you require for the customer to complete, from the Advanced Mode, you can click a field to highlight to make it required.  Have more than one field that needs to required?  Just hold down the Ctrl key while you're selecting the each field.

If you are set up to collect credit card payments within Essentials and have a credit card terminal or our kiosk credit card swipe connected to the kiosk, you can allow customers to swipe their credit card to be authorized and set up a credit card authorization page for your kiosk.

Not credit card integrated but want to learn more about it?  Click Here to reach out to our credit card team to get more information on how it works and to get the process started.  


Don't forget to set up your signature page or....

...your Final Page verbiage.

Once you’re finished setting up the Kiosk Configuration settings, click Save.
Do you have more than one kiosk that has the same splash screen and you want to have the same screens and fields as each other?  No problem.  From your Kiosks list, click the edit icon next to each kiosk and from the Kiosk Configuration Section, check the setting you want this specific Kiosk to default to.  Click Save and you’re done. 


Need more help?  Click Here to reach out to our support team and someone will be glad to walk you thru each step.  Or, click the live chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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