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Online Storefront Payments

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 05:51PM CST
When customers reserve online, in order to have them pay to hold their reservation, “Take Credit Card Payments” must be selected in the Pricing Options within Admin-Configuration-Front End Configurations.  Credit card processing has to be setup for your company in order to be able to select this option
You will also have the option to add how much is required for the customer to pay to hold the reservation.  If you only require a deposit, you can enter this amount in as well.  (*NOTE:  If you only want the customer to hold the reservation with a deposit, the Hold Reservation Payment Minimum and Hold Reservation Payment Percentage fields will need to either be left blank or be set to 0.) 
If you have both the Minimum and Percentage of the same option (i.e. both for payment or both for deposit) completed, the software will take the greater of the two.  If you require a flat deposit amount and 50% of the rental to hold the reservation, you can set both of these fields accordingly.
Assuming the customer storefront is turned on AND you are able to collect credit card payments within Essentials, there are three possible scenarios for payments that are charged, using the following priorities:
  1. If the transaction is in quote status, the only value that will be consider is the “Hold Reservation” amount, which is the sum of the “Hold Reservation Deposit” and the “Hold Reservation Payment” amounts (the payment button is labeled with “Pay Now & Hold Reservation” in this case). The “Hold Reservation Deposit” amount is calculated by first taking the greater of the "Hold Reservation Deposit Minimum” and the “Hold Reservation Deposit Percentage” multiplied by the Transaction’s Deposit Total and comparing this value to the Transaction’s Deposit Total, taking the lesser of the two. Similarly, the “Hold Reservation Payment” amount is calculated by first taking the greater of the “Hold Reservation Payment Minimum” and the “Hold Reservation Payment Percentage” multiplied by the Transaction’s Amount Due and comparing this value to the Transaction’s Amount Due, taking the lesser of the two. If the quote would overbook another transaction if converted into a reservation and the “Customer cannot overbook” option (found within Admin-Configurations-Front End Configuration) is selected for “Overbook Allowed, Availability Display” setting, then the customer will not have the option to make a credit card payment. Additionally, if the “Hold Reservation” amount is 0, then credit card payment cannot happen.
2. If the “Hold Reservation” amount is not applicable, the company has invoicing enabled, and there is an outstanding invoice amount, then the customer will have the option to pay that outstanding invoice amount (the payment button is labeled with “Pay Amount Currently Due” in this case). The outstanding invoice amount is calculated as the Transaction’s Net Amount Applicable (the amount the customer has paid on the transaction with currency rounding taken into consideration) subtracted from the sum of all the invoice amounts.
3. Finally, if the “Hold Reservation" and "Outstanding Invoice” amounts are not applicable and there’s still an outstanding amount due on the transaction, the customer will have the option to pay the rest of the amount due (the payment button is labeled with “Pay Full Amount” in this case).
You can always reach out to support for further assistance. 
To learn more and even get set up with credit card processing, Click Here to send us an email letting us know you’re interested and someone will reach out to you. 
Don’t have the storefront?  No worries.  You can click on your username from within Essentials and choose Manage My Account.  Click  Manage/Change right next to Package Details.  You will see a list of add of features in which the storefront is available. 
Just click the check box and Save Changes and you now have the storefront feature. 

NOTE*: If you don’t already have the storefront included in your package, the pricing will show for you.

Want to know more about it before you decide?  Just email us and one of our sales team members will reach out to you.

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