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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018 11:28AM CDT
Do you have customers that rent items for long period of times but you don’t know when they’re going to bring the item(s) back?  Do you invoice these customers once a month or once every billing cycle?  What about customers that have returned their items but have payment terms?  Let us show you how to set up our automatic billing feature.
When you first create the contract, you want to make sure the duration is set for the structure you will be invoicing the customer.  For example, if the customer will have the item out for at least six months but possibly longer and you send the invoice every 28 days or once a month, then enter 28 days or 1 month as the duration for the 28-day/1 month billing cycle.  Don’t worry about the due date.  When you set up the automatic billing, you will have an option to select that will extend the due date with each invoicing.  We’ll show you this in just a moment.
Once the contract is created and the status is at least in Reservation, you can now set up automatic invoicing by selecting Automatic Billing to your right found under the Totals section. 

If a payment has already been collected on the contract, you will receive a warning asking you if you would like to create an invoice for the payment.  This is up to you.  Otherwise, you’ll be taken directly to the Automatic Billing screen.

You want to select your payment method.  If you are set up to collect credit card payments, you will have the option to send out an invoice or collect payment on the customer’s stored card.  Not set up to collect credit card payments within Essentials?  Click Here to reach out to our credit card integration team.  For now, we’re going to choose invoicing. 

The billing interval is how often you want the invoice to be sent.  You want to set this accordingly to your billing cycle. 

The billing terms are set up within Admin-Configurations-Configure Printing Options.  This is how long you give the customer to pay. 

The amount is how much you want to invoice them. 

The next billing date is when you want the first invoice to be sent along with the time you want it to be sent.

What should Essentials do once the Grand Total has been collected?  Do you want us to stop billing the customer?  Or, do you want us to keep billing every period until all items are received.  It is recommended to keep billing until all items are received.  If the items are already received, then you want to choose stop billing. 

When you choose to keep billing until all items are received, you have the option to extend the due date with each billing.  If the due date is the same date or around the billing date and this option is selected, then the due date will extend out accordingly to the duration of the transaction.  This way, you know the item is out but it won’t show as Overdue on your workbench. 

Don’t forget to click Save.
You can view all invoices that were sent by clicking the Invoicing option from the transaction overview.  From here, you will see a list of invoices created thus far.  You can view them one at a time by clicking the view icon next to the invoice number. If one was created with the incorrect amount or accidentally, you can click the Delete button and this will remove the invoice.  
Once the invoice is opened for viewing, you have the option to delete the invoice as well.  This is in case you accidentally created the invoice or created it for the incorrect amount.

For further assistance, Click Here to reach a member of our support team or click our live support feature found in the bottom right of the screen to chat with a support team member.

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