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Importing/Exporting Inventory Items

Last Updated: May 21, 2018 03:33PM CDT
Has it ever come across your mind that there has to be an easier way to add all of your inventory into one bulk mass import instead of adding each item and unit individually?  Wonder no more.  Rental Essentials has a way for you to import your inventory in one bulk mass import using our spreadsheets.

You can create your own spreadsheets or you can use our sample files.  Using our sample files would be easier as there are specific fields that are required and the field names are correct leaving the guessing game for the birds.  

From the inventory list, click the Import Items button right above the list of where inventory items should appear assuming you don't have any inventory items entered yet.  Otherwise, it will be located above the current list of inventory items.

From here, you can upload Excel spreadsheets or .csv files.  You can find a few sample files linked there on the top right as well as an Import Guide.

Once you upload your file, you will be presented with the data the system will be uploading. 

If there are any errors, the system will show you error symbols.  Scroll to the right to see where the specific error exists.

You can fix the data right in the grid if you like.  Just click on any data you want changed and the system will give you the ability to update it.  Click the check mark  to save your work or the delete icon  to delete it the field or column.

Once you have all of the errors resolved, click the import sheet button to complete the import.
If you’re good with Excel, you can just use the sample to build your file.  The rest of the document will discuss the other options such as the ability to upload your stock.

Uploading Inventory without Stock

If you take a look at the ‘Full Sample File,’ you can see all of the columns that the software supports.  For a full explanation of the fields see the reference section at the end of the document.  The system tries to make it easy on you and for many of the fields you can just provide the data in the format you already have it.

To upload just Inventory with no stock and no price sheets, just fill in the columns called ‘Item Information’ in the Field Reference below.  You can always add your inventory manually later.

Uploading Inventory with Stock

Uploading your stock at the same time as uploading your inventory is easy. You just need to provide the information in the ‘Stock’ section in the Field Reference below.  Note that you need to provide different information if you are adding stock for a serialized item or unserialized item.  For serialized items, you should just add a row for each specific stock item and leave the quantity field blank; you have a couple of required fields for serialized items.  For unserialized items, you can just enter purchase price and quantity.

You enter stock information on the rows after the item.  So, if you have an item that looks like this:

You just add row(s) below it with ONLY the ‘Stock’ information filled in:

The first 30 fields (for item information and price sheets) will be blank on those rows.  The upload is smart and will try to work with the data you provide.  For example, if you are loading unserialized items, you can just enter the quantity and price on the same line as the items.

NOTE:  * in the Req field means the field is required for a successful import.

Field Reference

Now that we have the importing portion down, do you have a lot of items that need small updates such as item name changes, category changes, base rate changes, etc.?  We can help with that, too.  It's pretty much the same steps except you will choose Export Items instead.  You can select the box next to the items you want to export or you can click the Export All Items button at the top of your inventory list.  

From here, you will make your changes in the fields that needs changed, save the .CSV file and follow the import instructions above to import those changes.  

For further assistance, Click Here to reach someone in support.  Or, click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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