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Zapier Integration & How it Works

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2017 04:00PM CDT
Have you ever wondered how you could send certain email notifications or create certain actions within Essentials when Essentials doesn’t offer those notifications or actions?  Essentials now integrates with Zapier. 

What is Zapier?  Zapier is a web automation app in which you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business or life.  A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over.  With Zapier, you can pick what fields from the trigger service should go to the action service and you can use static text and custom fields to do so.  What does this mean to you?  This now means you can send new deliveries or transactions for events to your Google Calendar or send a notification email to a member of your team when items have been sent out or received.  The list can go on and on.

Do you have to pay for this service?  As of right now, this is a service that is offered by Essentials at no extra charge to your Essentials plan.  Zapier offers a free service and a paid service.  Either will work with Essentials.  Please note, if you take the offer for the free service for Zapier, you may not get as much functionality from Zapier as you would for the paid version.

How do I get started with Zapier?  Click Here to receive an invite.  Once you accept the invite, you’re linked up with the Essentials App thru Zapier.

How do I create a Zap?  
  • Once your Zapier account has been created and support has sent you the needed link to join us and you have accepted the invite, log into your Zapier account.
  • Click Make a Zap located at the top of the Zapier account page.  
  • Next, you will set up a trigger connecting to a Trigger App.  If you’ve already connected with some trigger apps, you will see that list under Your Apps section.  Otherwise, you will search for Rental Essentials US (Beta) and click on the app.
  • Your next step is to choose a trigger.  If you don’t know the exact trigger, you can search for an Essentials trigger by entering keywords in the search field.  Once you find your trigger, select it and click Save + Continue at the bottom of the screen.

  •  Select the Zapier account you want to connect.  If your account is not listed, click Connect an Account and search for your account to connect with.  Once the account is selected, click Save + Continue at the bottom of the screen. 
  • A window with things to double check will now come up.  This will just make sure you haven’t missed anything for this trigger to happen. 
  • Once you have checked off everything on the check list, click Fetch + Continue. 
  • If the test fails, you will receive a window letting you know it failed and a list of what to check.  You can always Skip the Test and Continue, which is not recommended.  For now, we’re going to skip the test and continue.


  • You will set up your action once the trigger has been created.  The action is what you want to happen once the trigger is activated.  For now, we’re going to update the event we already connected to our Google Calendar.  From our Apps list, you want to select Google Calendar or you can search for it. 
  • We’re now going to select what action we want to happen.  For now, we’re going to select Update Event and click Save + Continue.
  • Once the Zap is created, the template will need to be completed.  The template is the steps of actions that will take place once you find what you’re looking for that changed or updated.  Once the template is completed, click Continue and add a name for your Zap. 

How do I delete a Zap once it’s created?  From the Zapier dashboard, you will see a list of created Zaps in the Home section.  Click the down arrow next to the Zap you want to remove and choose Delete.  Be sure to confirm the Delete by clicking Really Delete? once you’ve selected Delete.


 Please Click Here to reach out to support for any questions or assistance you may need.  You can also Click Here to reach one of our support team members via our unlimited Live Chat feature.

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