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Creating Serialized Kits

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 05:33PM CDT
Do you have those items in which specific pieces go out together all the time and you don’t want to separate them?   Essentials has a way for you to keep them together each time they go out.  
From Menu-Inventory on the Counter menu, add each serialized item that will be included in your kit by clicking + New Item.  Select Serialized Item as the type of item you will be adding.  Refer to our Adding a New Serialized Item document for instructions on how to add each serialized item.  When you add the items, if these are items that you don't want your customers to be able to rent alone, be sure you choose Kit/Suggested Item Only in the Display drop down menu.

Once all the serialized pieces are added into your inventory, you want to add a new item.  This time, instead of choosing serialized item, we’re going to choose Serialized Kit.

Once the necessary information has been entered on the Basic Information screen, click Pricing tab toward the top of the page.  The pricing screen allows to you to enter a base rate for the kit and choose which price sheet goes with this item if you have multiple price sheets created.  If you have a deposit, replacement cost or damage waiver dollar amount for the kit, be sure to enter those amounts here as well.


After you click Save, choose the Components/Suggested Items tab.  This will allow you to add all the main items that go into the kit.  To add a component piece, click the Add Item button once you have searched and found the piece you want to add and enter the quantity that comes with the kit.  The type is Kit Component by default.  This means the component items will be hidden from the contract the customer receives and no additional cost is added to the kit.  You can also select Automatic or Optional Suggested Item.  These will be added to the contract the customer receives and will add pricing to the kit unless specified with 100% discount.  Once you’re done, hit Confirm.  Repeat for all component items belonging to the kit.  

Once all the component pieces are added to the kit, you will see those in the list.

The next thing to add is the Kit Stock.  Click the Kit Stock tab and add all the individual pieces for each kit that goes out.  Click + New Serialized Kit to create the first group of kit stock. 

From here, you want to enter a name for the kit stock along with a serial number.  All other information is not required but can be helpful later.  Once all the desired fields are completed, click Save. 

Next, you will be asked to select which specific pieces of each item go into the kit stock.  Select the specific piece by clicking on the serialized item.  Once each serialized item for each main item has been selected, you want to click Done.  You will now see the first kit stock listed.  To add more kit stock, repeat the steps until all units are assigned to a kit stock.

How many kits or kit groups can you make?  This depends on how many component items you have in stock and how many are needed to create each kit.
Your customers will only see the kit item and any additional or optional items that were added to their order.  The component items are hidden. 
You create your first serialized kit and kit group.
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