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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 03:56PM CST
Do you have customers that have several invoices that are unpaid and you want to send them all at once?  Essentials now lets you accomplish this.  

You first want to set up your statement configurations.  You can set these up by going to Admin-Configuration-Configure Customer Options.  

From here, you can enter a statement title if you want it to say something other than statement.  

If you have any default statement messages you want to print on the statements, you will enter these notes here.

If you want to continue with the next statement number from your previous software or just want to start with a different number than 1, you can change the first statement number here.  
(NOTE:  Once the first statement has been created, this number can no longer be changed.)

Do you want the statement to show all items from contracts by default?  If so, check this option.  Otherwise, statements will have a single line per transaction by default.  You can change this per statement when statements are created individually.  We'll show you how in just a little bit.

Don't forget to select which statement format you want to send: Modern or Traditional.  You can select from the Statement Format drop down menu.  Don't forget to click Save when done.

Now that we have the statement configurations set up, let's create a statement for a customer.  From the customer list, once you have searched for the customer in question, click the edit icon next to the customer's name.  At the bottom of their information, you will see a Customer History section which includes all transactions, payments and credit notes.  You will also see a statements tab.  Click on the Statements Tab to view all contracts with a remaining balance due.  

Select the contracts you want to be included in this statement.  Once selected, click Create Statement from the top of the list of contracts.

Once Create Statement has been clicked, you will come to a screen that looks very similar to when you are setting up your invoices.  You want to select your statement terms, enter any comments or terms you want printed on the statement, overstatement date, if desired, override auto statement number, if desired and even show prior balances and all items from contracts (if this is not already set by default within your Customer Configurations).

Now your one-time statement configurations are set, click I'm Ready to Create the Statement button and a statement will appear on your screen.  From here, you can choose to print, download PDF or email to customer.

Need further assistance?  Please reach out to or click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right corner of the page and a support person will be glad to assist you.

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