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Setting Up Counter Sign

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2018 04:56PM CDT
Having our Counter Sign add on feature is great in getting you on your way in becoming paperless.  Now this is added to your account, it's time to set up your iPad or tablets.  Don't have it added to your account?  No problem.  Just reach out to support HERE or via our Live Chat feature to have a team member walk you thru on how to add it.

From within Admin-Registers, you want to make sure all registers are created.  How many registers will you need?  This depends on how many iPad's or tablets you will have.  If you have four computers on the counter and all four will have their own iPad or tablet, you will need to set up four registers.  Refer to our Setting Up Multiple Registers help guide to walk you thru on how to set them up. Please keep in mind, each computer will need the assigned register's URL set to the browser's home page.  This is also what makes the iPad or tablet react with the computer.

Once all registers are created, you will need to click the edit icon next to one of the created registers.  From under Register Configurations, you will need to create Counter Sign devices by clicking the "+".  You will be asked to create a name for the device.  Our recommendation is to name each device the same name as the register it will be assigned to.  Before clicking Save, be sure to check the option to Use a separate device for in person e-signatures (Counter Sign). 

Once all devices are created and named, you want to edit each register and assign it a device by checking the box next to the device that will be connected to the computer. 

Now that all registers have an assigned device, it's time to sync the devices.  From each device's browser, you want to go to  You will be asked to enter an admin's password for your Essentials account.  

*NOTE:  No user that has access lower than Admin will be able to sync up the devices.

You will be asked to enter your Admin password a second time before the Configuration screen comes up.  Within the Configuration screen, you will be asked to name your device.  You want to name it the same as what you did within the Register Configurations.  This is how the device knows to sync with the appropriate computer.  

You now have your first iPad or tablet connected with Counter Sign.  Repeat the above steps for each device you have to connect.  

Refer to our Digital Signature via Counter Sign document on how to create a digital signature from your counter using the iPad or tablet you have connected.

If you have a tablet or iPad that you no longer want to be connected to Counter Sign or is no longer working, you can very easily go to Admin-Stations-Manage Counter Devices to disable the device.  Just select the device you want to disable and from Actions, select Disable Device.  

Need further assistance?  Click HERE to email a team member in our support department.  You can also click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of your screen.

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