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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2018 03:40PM CDT
Do you have inventory items that may have one category but also be placed in a subcategory?  What about customers who are grouped together?  Do you want to make notes on transactions that can viewed directly from the workbench?  

From within Admin-Configuration-Tag Manager, you can create new tags and even select a color for that tag.  

From here, click Create New Tag and enter the tag in the Tag Name field.  Choose your color, if desired and click Save Tag.

Now that you have your tags created, let's add one on an inventory item.  Click the edit icon next to the inventory item you wan to add a tag.  This could also be a subcategory.  In the Subcategories/Tags field, start typing the tag you want to add.  As you type, the tag created will appear.  

Select the created tag.  Now, you have a Subcategory/Tag on your inventory item. 


You can enter more than one tag by repeating the steps.  If the tag you want to add doesn't exist in your tag list, no problem.  Just finish typing the tag and hit the Enter key.  You've added a new tag on the inventory item and it's saved in your tag list.  

Don't forget to click Save from your inventory edit screen.

Let's add a tag for a customer.  You have a customer grouping named Homeowner in which you've already created a tag.  Find the customer you want to add this tag to from the customer list and click the edit icon next to their name.  

Type the tag you want to add in the Customer Tags field found under the City.  As you start typing the tag, the one you created will appear.  

Select the created tag.  Now, you have a tag linked to the customer.  Just like the inventory item, you can have more than one tag on a customer.  Just like the inventory, if the tag you want isn't already created, just finish typing and hit the Enter key.  You have multiple tags for one customer and created a new tag at the same time.  Don't forget to click Save from the customer record.  The customer tag will appear on the workbench.

Want to know if a transaction is paid without bringing up the transaction?  What about knowing what truck the items to be delivered are on from a glance?  Let's add a transaction tag or two.

From the workbench, click on the transaction to view it.  In the Transaction Tags field found under the customer information on the transaction, start typing the tag you want to enter.  As you start typing the tag, the created tag will appear.  Select the tag.  

Have more than one tag you want to add?  No problem.  Just type away and keep adding.  Have a tag you want to add that's not created yet.  No problem.  Just type the tag you desire and hit the Enter key when done.  Once all tags are added, click Done Editing.  
From the workbench, you can now easily see any customer or transaction tags without having to go into the transaction or customer record.  

Want to change the wording or color of a tag?  No problem.  From Admin-Configuration-Tag Manager, click the tag you want to update which will appear in the Tag Name Field.  You can easily change the name of the tag by deleting and retyping the tag name.  Just select the color you want the tag to be and click Save Tag.  

Have a tag you want to remove?  No biggie.  From the inventory item, customer record or transaction, just click the "x" next to the tag and this will remove it.

If you have the customer online storefront add on feature, the inventory tags will show here.

You now know how to create a tag beforehand and on the fly. 

Need more assistance?  Please send an email to or click our Live Chat feature to your right and a support team member will be glad to assist.

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