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Automatic Delivery Fees

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017 03:09PM CDT
Do you charge for delivery? Do you have one default delivery charge or does the delivery charge depend on where you’re delivering the items? Let me show you how to set both of these scenarios up. 
You first want to make sure your default delivery fee is set up. This is in case the delivery zip code is not within your delivery fee list, the customer will be charged for the default fee. This amount can always be changed from the transaction by editing the delivery fee line item. 

Once you're in Admin-Configuration-Configure Tax and Payment Options, you will enter what your standard or default delivery fee is in the delivery fee field located towards the bottom of the screen.

 Next, you will select when you want this delivery fee to apply. 

Are your delivery fees non-taxable?  Just check the Tax Free Delivery Fee option and now all of your automatic delivery fees are non-taxed.

Click Save and you’re done with this step. 

Want to set up automatically delivery fess by zip code?  From Admin-Pricing-Delivery Fees, click + New Delivery Fee and enter the name of the fee, postal code and fee amount. 
Click Save and repeat for any and all postal codes you have.  Each postal code will need to be entered separately and not in groups.  Now you will have your list of delivery fees. 

Anytime the delivery address postal code matches one that is in the list, the postal code delivery fee will replace your default delivery fee.  If the delivery address postal code is not in your delivery fee list, then your default delivery fee will be charged. 

You can always edit the delivery fee amount by clicking the edit icon next to the delivery fee item on the transaction.  This will be a one time change for that transaction only. 

Click Here to reach out to one of our support team members for further assistance.  Or, click the live chat feature found in the bottom right of the screen to instantly chat with a support team member.

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