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Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 02:29PM CDT
Have you ever had one of those customers whom you wanted to give a “good-will” discount to but wasn’t for sure how to do so?  Let’s go thru those steps to show you how easy this is to set up from the contract.

Let's say you want to add a discount to a specific item on the transaction.  You first want to make sure the items have the option to Allow Discount checked.  You can do this by going to your inventory list and clicking the edit icon next to the item.  From the Basic Information tab, check the option Allow Discount and Save.  Even though the Admin can override prices at any time, the Allow Discount option gives your counter role employee the ability to override the item price once placed on the contract.

Once the item has been marked to Allow Discount and has been placed on the contract, you want to hover over the rate of the item and click the Edit icon. 

From here, you can choose to either override the price or enter a discount percentage amount.  Once the changes are made, don’t forget to click Save.
*If you choose to override the price, the percentage will be calculated for you.  If you decide to enter the percentage amount, the price will recalculate for you as well.
Once the price/discount changes are saved, you can see the rate is updated to the new discounted rate on the transaction.

Let's say the customer did something overwhelming to help you out and you want to give them a 20% discount on their total rental amount.  Did you know that instead of discounting each line item you can give an overall transaction discount?  The inventory items don’t have to be marked to allow discount, either. 
Once the items are added to the transaction, you want to expand the totals section you see to the bottom right.
Next to your Rental Total, click Add Discount.  From here, you can override the total amount of the contract, which will then calculate the discount percentage amount for you.  Or, you can enter a discount percentage amount, which will recalculate the overall contract price for you.  If you want to show what type of discount it was, you can enter a description in the Discount Description field.  Don’t forget to click Save.
Once the contract discount has been added, you will see the price change in the totals section next to Rental Total along with the discount percentage and dollar amount and description.


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