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Last Updated: May 21, 2018 05:28PM CDT
Do you have serialized items in which you want to track photos upon send out and photos upon receive?  With our Condition Photos add on feature, Essentials can help you accomplish this.

Before you can add photos, you want to edit the inventory item and select the Allow Condition Photos option from the Basic Information Screen.  Click Save and now your condition photos will work.

The item(s) is on the transaction and it's time to send it out.  Once you bring up the transaction in question from the Workbench, click Order to send it out.  Upon send out, you will be asked to select the unit you're sending out.

Once the unit has been selected, you will come to the Confirm Send Out screen.  From the Confirm Send Out screen you are able to enter the meter readings, if this is a metered item, of the unit along with the ability to upload a photo.  You do have the ability to add more than one photo.  So, you could add a photo of all sides or different angles.  Once one photo is added, just click the "+" under the one photo to add another.  

Once all photos are added, don't forget to click Confirm Send Out.  

The items are back and it's time to receive them.  But, you see something is broken on the item.  No biggie.  

Pull up the transaction from the Workbench.  Click Receive from the top of the transaction.  Check off the items that are being received and enter any meter readings upon return.  

Once you select a condition from the Condition drop down menu, you will have the option to add received images.

Once the photo is uploaded, don't forget to enter any descriptions of damage done or any fees that will be passed onto the customer.  If maintenance needs to be completed, be sure to check the Put into Maintenance option.  

Once the item has been received, from the transaction, you can click View Condition Sheet next to the item to view all photos upon send out and return along with any description of damages done.


Don't have our Condition Photo add on feature?  No problem.  Go to Manage My Account to add it.

Need further assistance?  Please reach out to and a member of the support team will be glad to assist.  Or, click the Live Chat feature found at the bottom right of the screen.

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